Project Update - November 2020

Thank you to everyone who provided input on our draft terminal design concepts. The concepts were generally well received, including the idea of a new waiting room/washroom building and incorporating two-lane unloading for more efficient operations.

Key themes we heard in the feedback included:

  • Considerations for the addition of a highway holding lane:
    • Generally noted as beneficial to move traffic off the road and improve safety and flow during busy times
    • May have impact on acceleration lane length for commercial traffic, shorter holding lanes and/or a truck pullout were suggested as ways to mitigate this
    • Queue jumping may be possible with holding lane, we need to consider how to mitigate this potential

  • Wayfinding:
    • Desire for clearer signs at terminal entry

  • Addition of amenities including:
    • Electric vehicle charging stations
    • Enhanced picnic tables, e.g. with chess or cribbage inlays

Through the OCP and Rezoning amendment process we also heard the following key themes:

  • Traffic flow and safety
    1. Ensuring that those employed by, or wishing to patronize the nearby restaurant are able to access the business and have adequate parking to do so
    2. Ensuring safe access to nearby businesses and roadways during peak times

  • Integrating with surroundings
    1. Taking care not to infringe on local business, i.e. nearby restaurant
    2. Ensuring comfort for residents and travellers while at the terminal

We are now drafting the full Terminal Development Plan and look forward to sharing it with you once it has been approved. Please stay tuned to this page!

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