Project Update - November 18, 2020

We’ve launched the second phase of community engagement!

Share your thoughts here. Online engagement runs now until Wednesday, December 9th.

The potential solutions we’re seeking feedback on in this phase are focused on things that can be done in the near term to improve ferry travel on the Sunshine Coast with the assets currently available. We have stayed focused on actions we can take in a timely manner, that require minimal capital investment, and that are within BC Ferries’ control.

All of the potential solutions being proposed are in their infancy and will require additional discussion to understand how they would look in practice. Given this, what we want to know from the community in is: which solutions would the community like to see developed further?

We want to understand where the community sees the most potential so we can focus our time and energy discussing these highest priority items as we move ahead. We’re seeking community input on potential solutions that fall under four key topic areas:

  1. Travel Certainty – potential solutions to reduce stress and anxiety for those using our ferry service
  2. Medical Travel – potential solutions to reduce stress and anxiety for those travelling for medical reasons
  3. Communications – potential solutions to enhance information that can make planning and travelling easier
  4. Demand Management – potential solutions to enhance the use of available capacity

Within the online engagement we have provided information to help frame each topic area and each potential solution we're seeking input on, making this engagement a little longer than some of our others. Each section is optional and you can skip ahead at any point.

Opportunity to Participate in Virtual Community Meeting

We’re holding a virtual meeting to provide community members with an opportunity to learn more about the list of potential near-term solutions being proposed, and to ask questions.

Virtual Community Meeting
Wednesday, November 25
6 – 8pm

RSVP to receive the meeting link.

Please note, we will host a maximum of 50 people per meeting to ensure meaningful dialogue can take place. We will add meeting dates and times based on interest.

Check out our new infographic

Through the first phase of engagement, we asked the community about topics they'd like to know more about. The top three areas participants indicated they wanted to learn more about were:

  1. How reservation space is determined for the Sunshine Coast
  2. Traffic and data trends for the Sunshine Coast
  3. How Medical Assured Loading and the Travel Assistance Program work

See our new infographic that provides more information on these priority community topics.

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Consultation has concluded

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