Project Update - March 2021

Report on Engagement Results

Thank you to everyone who provided input on our draft terminal design concept, reversible lane options and transit accommodation review. More than 1,400 people visited the project website during the concept engagement phase from January 6 to January 29, 2021. The concept was generally well received, including the idea of a new waiting room/washroom building and covered areas for people and bikes/scooters.

Key themes we heard in the feedback included:

Draft Concept

  • Waiting room size may not be large enough as shown. Covered areas are also important. General support for expanded pedestrian space
  • The proposed covered bike/scooter shed noted as undersized and located too close to adjacent café
  • Minimize light pollution and support for finding other solutions that don’t include more lighting/signage
  • Electrification of vessels should be a priority
  • Improve pedestrian loading to/from vessel, consider separate pedestrian bridge
  • Some noted a desire for separate off-road vehicle holding, others noted preference for retaining greenspace and minimizing terminal areas

Reversible Lane Markings – Pop-up Survey

23 participants responded, and selected one or more favored options:

  • 10 people favoured overhead traffic control signals
  • 9 people favoured signs and markings as they are today
  • 7 people favoured in-pavement LED markings
  • 2 people favoured large digital displays

Transit Accommodation

  • Existing transit location works. Having the bus stop closer to the berth may pose bus access challenges due to ferry traffic
  • Some ideas were suggested for facilitating transit nearer to the berth, including installing a 'give way to bus' traffic light, installing a turntable (to reduce space required for a bus to turn around), or having transit use the municipal dock

The full engagement summary can be found to the right of this page in the document library.

We are now drafting the full Terminal Development Plan and look forward to sharing it with you once it has been approved.

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